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Description of Activities
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Bocce is one of the most popular club games, with 70 or more members playing each wednesday morning. It should be remembered that our Bocce has about the same relationship to traditional Bocce as Crazy Golf has to Golf. However there is no denying that everyone who tries loves it, and realises that perfect scores will be more likely the result of prayers than practice.


 Tai Chi

Life Activities Club - Geelong Inc. is very proud to have a very skilled Tai Chi Teacher who has previously taught in China and is now resident in Geelong and available to teach club members. His chinese name is a tongue twister and he prefers to be called "Watson" . His experience shows and it is a delight to see him demonstrate the full suite of Tai Chi moves.


       Lunch Plus
A popular outing for members, consisting of a short drive or organised bus trip with a meal and an enjoyable event attached.

Trips to Begonia & Tulip festivals, museums, strawberry picking and ferry rides to Sorrento  as well as adult education talks, have kept members coming back for more.                                                           


Caravan Group

Our caravan group take about four trips a year outside the school holidays and usually within an easy drive from Geelong but miles from any cares. Over six days they carry on a mini club with Bocce, outings to local clubs, seeing the sites, fishing, a group breakfast, dancing & games in the Camp Kitchen area, as well as a Happy hour each afternoon in a circle.
It is such fun, members without caravans book in to the cabins to be able to join in.  

Walk & Talk

The wednesday walk and talk is popular because it fits in with the rest of wednesdays activities like bocce cards scrabble and meeting for Presidents address.
The walk along the river is picturesque in its own right , but one of the sights to look out for is Doug Macauley's possum. It is not reliable but frequents this fork in the tree, and continues to sleep or play possum as we pass.

China Painting

 This activity is also called Therapy.
However the ladies are really up to secret womens business as far as the men are concerned.
Although they frequently come home with a plate or fancy china piece of some sort. It's their continual smile that gets you worried.

Winged Unicorn
Theatre Outings

The theatre group have regular outings to the local productions at the GPAC centre and other profesional venues. However they are are also regular attendees at the www.theatreofthewingedunicorn.com.au/index.php an intimate sized venue shown here as patrons arrive. This theatre is located at Ceres just on the outskirts of Geelong and provides a great entertainment in the small setting, with plays to match the venue, leaving the audience with a real feeling of having been there in the play. That is without mentioning the great interval coffee & cakes etc provided at a very nominal charge and often as memorable as the play. 


Our Scrabble group like to have fun, and exercise the brain cells at the same time. This group started small once a month but has grown in popularity and now meet twice a month

LACG Peddallers

The LAC Pedallers are a happy diverse group enjoying bike riding and coffee drinking together each week.
The range of subjects chatted about, either whilst riding, resting or at coffee breaks is as diverse as the group itself.
Riders find improved health and strengthened bodies contribute greatly to an enjoyable life.
If someone is unlucky enough to become ill there are lots of people who care about how they are getting on.
One of our most popular Thursday morning rides is to Moorabool Valley Chocolates because the end result is a cup of hot chocolate, iced chocolate or a coffee and some even shout themselves a made-on-the-premises chocolate to have with the drink.
In Geelong we are very lucky to have bike tracks that can take us in a variety of directions.

 Table Tennis

The table tennis group make use of the Table Tennis Centre in Ballarat road on Monday afternoons. As you can see this is a high standard amenity and suitable for high standard table tennis. A couple of our members have the fun of playing as LACG group and then go on and play veteran grade later in the week. The benefit of this has been attributed to their outstanding success as members of unbeaten teams and runners up throughout the year. Table Tennis is great exercise, and can be great fun with Life Activities Geelong Inc. members to play with. 

Trading Table

While the trading table does not fall into the usual activity classification, it is a very important part of the club, and everyone will almost certainly benefit from it and sometimes contribute an item or buy a book etc. The fruit and vegetables, are always popular as both donated and purchased items, and some of the books & videos have been over the table in both directions many times before making a last trip to the Op Shop. 

Reading Theatre      Cinema Group
Our Cinema group have an outing to the Reading Theatre in Waurn Ponds on the third monday each month. The theatre has a Pizza restruant next door, and this makes a convenient double of movie and coffee or Pizza in the evening. If you think the idea of a movie and whatever, with friendly members does not inspire you, I can assure you that when you hear the very descriptive synopsis of the carefully selected movies given by the convenors at the wednesday club meeting, you will be counting down your sleeps waiting for the monday to arrive.

Mahjong Photo 

Our Mahjong group play each Tuesday, with some even fitting in the exercise program before it starts. Our convenor is very keen to teach beginners so knowing how to play is not a requirement before giving it a go.

   Arvo Tea Dance          More Photos

Thursday afternoon is dancing to great music  and a varied program to suit everyone. The dance program is listed on a large display allowing people to know what is coming up .   Just to seal the deal, the afternoon tea is often praised and lives up to its prominence in the activity title 

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LAC Pedallers Notices